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Engaging with the Ella Canavan Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is a rewarding way to actively contribute to your child's educational experience and foster a thriving school community. Here's a brief guide on how to get involved:

Attend Meetings: PTO meetings are a great starting point. These gatherings provide insights into ongoing initiatives, upcoming events, and the school's needs. Join us to stay informed and share your thoughts.

Volunteer Opportunities: We organize various events and programs that rely on volunteers. Whether it's assisting during school events or fundraisers your time and skills are invaluable to the community. Fundraising and school events are a crucial aspect of PTO's efforts to enhance the school experience. Take a look at our available volunteer opportunities - maybe one is calling your name!

Promote Communication: Stay connected with PTO updates through emails, newsletters, and social media platforms. Sharing these updates within your network helps create a wider impact.

Share Ideas: PTO often engages in discussions about educational policies and initiatives. Your input is valuable. Don't hesitate to share ideas, suggestions, and feedback with the PTO board. Your insights can help shape future initiatives.

By getting involved in the Ella Canavan PTO, you play an essential role in creating a nurturing, collaborative, and enriching environment for all students, teachers, and parents. Your contributions are an investment in the growth and success of the entire school community.

About Ella Canavan PTO

We are a parent teacher organization (PTO) supporting Ella Canavan elementary school in Medina, Ohio.

Ella Canavan elementary school is named after a beloved teacher who taught over 45 years right here in Medina.

Our mission is to facilitate open communication, encourage active involvement, and provide valuable resources that empower our students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Your 2032-2024 Board

President: Valle Moore

Vice President: Alaina Rutledge

Treasurer: Jean Simpson

Co-Treasurer: Stephanie Wilson

Secretary: Christine Stockard Wilson

Co-Secretary: Nicole Boulton

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